It’s Feeding Time.

I love to cook and I have a family. My family usually consists of myself, husband, my two sons and occasionally my sister, and – less often these days – friends and various other family members. I’m no Gwenyth Paltrow (see – for those who haven’t had the pleasure) and I’m not claiming to be the last word on anything, but I want to share my experience of feeding my family in the hopes of helping, inspiring and motivating others with their feeding rituals.

I also want to share the recipes of other mums and friends and family, and welcome anyone else who would like to contribute. The general theme of this blog is ‘easy’. Not that I’m lazy, but generally I don’t have the time or energy to whip up exciting cuisine when it will most likely end up a) on the floor, b) in 2yr old’s hair, or c) in the bin. The important thing is I make it myself, and I know what’s in it. Most of the time.

Simple, nutritious (sometimes) and most importantly delicious food and food related ideas to feed your family.

A very popular meal in my house.

A popular meal at my house


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