Sausage Rolls

I was at a baby shower and a friend was making some lovely little mini sausage rolls. I watched her make them and she told me how she puts pureed veges in hers when she makes them for her kids. My eyes were alight with fascination as she explained and I thought my life would never be the same. Hiding veges, sausage mince, puff pastry…it didn’t get any better than this.

So I did as she said and bought sausage mince – which prior to my conversation with my friend T, I didn’t even know existed – how was I to know that people are making their own sausage meat concoctions?

How was I to know that all over the world people were making their own sausage rolls?

I have tried my hand at complex indian cuisine and even perfected a zabaglione tiramasu, but apparently the simple things in life elude me. In my defense however, I will say that my talent for weight gain has meant that baked goods such as pies and sausage rolls have never really been on the menu for me. But my boys are skin and bone, so a little butter puff won’t do their bodies any harm. They could use a little meat on their bones. Apparently it will be sausage meat.

Along with T’s recipe (fairer to say ‘T-inspired recipe’, it seems I forgot 50% of the ingredients) I would also like to post a recipe from an old school friend. She says it’s a winner in her house and damn it I believe her!

T-inspired Sausage Roll Recipe


Half beef or pork mince, half sausage mince.

Vege puree (any you like)

One sheet of butter puff pastry

Oven at 180C


Mix up the minces and veges in a bowl.

Cut the pastry in half.

Lay half mixture in middle of one piece, and other half in other piece.

Roll pastry to make a tube.

Place long roll on baking dish, lined with paper.

Cut into little pieces, and seperate.

Cook on about 180C for about 10-15 minutes…or until cooked. Serve with tomato sauce. What else.

Serves two young-uns (with a couple of left overs for mama and papa)








Notes on the recipe

Yes, this recipe is VERY sparse. It is meant to quick and easy. But this is how I make it and we all love them. There’s no added salt or flavours but the sausage meat keeps it tasty. Do NOT attempt this recipe with beef mince alone. It will be tasteless.

You’ll notice I don’t include amounts. That is because I am unreliable. Personally, I still can’t get it right. I always seem to have about a handful of left over mince. As a guide lets say about 200g of meat mince and 200g sausage mince and say…a good spoonful of puree veg. You can play around with the amounts you prefer. You might like to load it up with heaps of veges…

After speaking to T recently to verify this recipe, I was shocked to learn that she used pork mince. I had been using beef mince. She also said that she puts in all sorts of things, depending what’s on hand (garlic, herbs, egg, tomato sauce, salt). So actually it turns out I hadn’t been paying attention at all. She had me at ‘sausage meat’. The rest kind of went blurry and passed into that special place in my brain where a lot of information seemingly enters but rarely, if ever resurfaces.

I guess this recipe is as healthy as one can make a sausage roll. The leaner the mince the less fat. But it’s sausage rolls we’re making here, not health food.

I don’t do egg wash and I don’t use anything to stick the sides together and it all seems to work ok, except for lately when I have let the pastry thaw out too much and things get a bit messy.

I cut my pieces about 2cm thick. It makes them cook quicker, and makes it easier for little fingers to pick at.

I also lay mine to cool on some paper towel ever since 4yr old has started poo-pooing the soggy pastry ones. Letting them cool on the paper towel, on a wire rack keeps them as crisp as I can manage.


Jane’s Sausage Roll Recipe


500g sausage mince

1 egg

1 cup fresh bread crumbs

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

3 tbspn tomato paste

salt & pepper

3 sheets puff pastry

1 egg yolk, lightly beaten for brushing

sesame seeds for sprinkling

Oven at 180C


Combine all ingredients and mix well.

Cut pastry in half

Divid mixture into 6 equal portions, spread along length, roll to enclose (use egg yolk to join seam)

Brush outside with egg yolk, sprinkle with sesame seeds and cut into inch size pieces

Place on baking paper and cook for 25 minutes or until golden

Hope you like!
Jane xxx


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