Sticky chicken lamb chops

As many who read this will understand, I am always trying to introduce new food to my children’s menu. Recently, in a rare moment when I simultaneously employed creativity and logic, I thought I might try making marinaded drummettes for the boys. They love lamb cutlets. So I thought to myself…’Mmmm. Perhaps I could find another similar meat product that might come on a bone.’ And there we have it. Creativity+logic=chicken drumettes. I had to call them Chicken Lamb Chops to get 4yr old to try it. But once he did, there was no stopping him or the little one. We end up with a chronic case of ‘sauce face’ every time but it’s all worth it.

Initially I used up some rib sauce I had bought weeks earlier from Ribs and Rumps. It was lovely, but at $10 a bottle, I figured I could do better than that. Then I tried Masterfoods BBQ marinade. Disastrous. They hated it, said it tasted ‘funny’. I got the shits – of course – so I tried sniffing the bottle and tasting a little. They were right. It was weird. Smelt weird. Tasted weird. Keep in mind I have been experimenting with marinades and sauces for a while now. I like to make ribs at home, and have had to resort to making my own basting sauces when the Mesquite ran out. This damn Mesquite sauce is amazing…but you can only get it once a year at Christmas time at Target. I haven’t seen it yet this year. However, I am somewhat relieved of my saucy problem now that I have found this really good recipe.

It ticks all the boxes on my recipe wish list:





Sticky Chicken Lamb Chop Recipe


1.5kg chicken wings or drummettes

1 cup tomato sauce

1/2 cup plum sauce

1/4 cup Worcestershire

1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

2 cloves of garlic


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and marinade meat for as long as possible.

Heat an oven to 180c, and lay the pieces flat on a baking tray. Don’t over-crowd or they’ll go soggy.

Notes on the recipe

OK, so I figured out a way to make this even cheaper. I noticed that drummettes were about $5/6 per kilo, but that whole chicken wings were only about $2/3 per kilo. So I bought the whole wings and chopped the wings tips off and separated the little drum and the wing piece. It was an absolute hack job, but I got it done.

Here’s another tip. I discovered that the DJs food hall in the city has a lovely little USA foods section, and they sell things like mustard, HUGE bottles of maple syrup, tins of pumpkin mash and Liquid Smoke. Yes, you heard me…

We’ve been on the look out for that stuff for years and finally it comes to our big, brown land mass. I have not actually tried it yet, but I dare say it would go nicely in this BBQ sauce marinade.

Finally – and I’m sure you would have worked this one out for yourself –  let the wings cook so they go a bit blackened. Those bits are pure poultry paradise. They have been caramelised and are so sweet and delicious.

Now that I am trying to shed my Christmas kilos, I won’t be making these lovely little morsels for some time because I simply cannot keep away from them. I just know that I will ‘accidentally’ make too many, and scoff the left overs for my greedy, greedy self.


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