Did you know? – Part One (Pop corn)

Did you know that if you don’t have an air popping contraption you can use a brown paper bag?

I know right, how could this possibly be true…

Well, you put in some seeds in a bag and fold over the end a couple of times and shove the bag in the microwave and voila!
Ok so you have to turn it on and cook it and then Voila!

Then, after popping that corn in the most healthy of ways, you can feel so much better about smothering it in melted butter and salt.

Tasty trivia – the best kind.


One thought on “Did you know? – Part One (Pop corn)

  1. Nothing to do with anything but in crunching my way through the last of the very gooood peanut toffee from xmas and having a lazy sunday looking at food blogs, i’ve stumbled upon a caramel popcorn recipe which begs to be done maybe this winter. Love the blog MC

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