Did you Know? – Part Two (Bread crumbs)

Did you know that breadcrumbs are full of stuff other than bread?

I looked at the ingredients once, and couldn’t believe how much crap they shove in there…and for about a month I made my own bread crumbs.

And then I got lazy and went back to buying them.

But for now I am going between the two. I save my a-la-naturale and some what chunky style crumbs for adding to vege burgers, meatballs etc and leave the store-bought finer ones for crumbing fish balls and schnitzel etc.

This may not concern some people, but I just get all hot about the stuff that gets put in food sometimes, and when I am feeling motivated , I take matters into my own hands and I put that stale bread into my processor and go like a bat out of hell.


One thought on “Did you Know? – Part Two (Bread crumbs)

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