The Ugly Plate

We all have nice stuff, appliances, linen etc in our homes and kitchens.

That goes without saying. For some reason beautiful purchases for the kitchen seem like a  no-brainer because not only are they pretty but also useful. Well most of the time they are.

But these objects of beauty are rarely our favourite items of kitchen clutter, are they?

What makes something a favourite is usually a nebulous, intangible quality…a feeling, a memory perhaps?

And these things are more often than not kind of ugly or over-used. Like a thread bare tea-towel that you love because it is so absorbent and was a wedding gift from far away people and has your son’s name spelled backwards in iron-on flocking. (don’t ask).

Or perhaps a melamine plate you made in your childhood that is really kind of naff but you can’t bring yourself to throw it out. You like it because it is so hardy it may in fact survive the apocalypse.

I know we all have these items in our kitchen. And the one I want to share with you is my tin plate.

Here it is;

I nicked it from mum when she was in her one of her ‘I’m throwing everything out’ moods.

The enamel is coming off, it boasts an oddly appealling 70s design and it became horribly stained in a recent painting activity.

But I love it.

I would eat every dinner off it every night if I could.

I love it because it belonged to my family, because I remember my dad eating his re-heated blitva off it and because it is ugly and damaged and stained and it is a really handy shape and size and will never break.

The funny thing is mum bought another couple of very similar, plates since giving this one to me. Hers are blue. Plain blue.

I would love to include anyone else’s Favourite UGLY Thing on this entry. So please, send me a comment and I will email you back with how to send in photos etc.


3 thoughts on “The Ugly Plate

  1. Well you know my ugly and useful plate is now blue enamel, not so chipped cos I don’t have a family to cook for. I think that plate might have come from Croatia a long time ago, 1981 if my memory serves correctly and probably the blue one did as well. The really useful thing I use a lot now are bowls cheap ones, not particularly ugly but very handy for all types of dinners. Pastas, soups, risottos, spinach, you name it I put it into the bowls. I’ve got large ones and nearly as large ones for when I’m trying to tell myself we’re eating smaller portions tonight. Ha ha rarely happens.

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