Sort of Scrambled Eggs

I am sure lots of people make eggs like this, but I got the idea from my dad.

He just puts diced tomato in his, but I thought I’d riff on that a bit and add a few little extras.

It started in Rome. I know, don’t you hate people who name-drop?

Anyways, as I was saying, I was in ROME…ha ha ha ha

We were staying in an apartment and with two kids, going out for any meal is not easy, so we would eat in most mornings.

Vegemite toast and pancakes weren’t an available so we ate eggs a lot of the time.

And with my selection of deli goods from the shop, I had prosciutto, cheese and some tomatoes at hand.

So I threw it all in to our scrambled eggs and hey presto!

At home, it’s not quite the same. I don’t have prosciutto lying around or any decent cheese. So I use a diced tomato, finely sliced shallots and some fairly crappy Parmesan from the supermarket (I haven’t been to the deli in a while).

You can put in what ever you like really. Ham or any other cured and salted meat, herbs, cheddar cheese, spanish onion…what ever…

Just whisk the eggs and season, then throw in everything else a stir it up.

Pour into a hot pan and move it around a little till nearly cooked.

Serve on top of toast of any kind and you will be surprised at what a delightful alternative this can be to boring old plain eggs.


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