Did you Know? – Part Four (Nuts)

Did you know that to get the most out of your raw nuts, you should keep them stored in their shells and in the fridge?

I didn’t know this until a little while ago. I have been buying packets of shelled, raw nuts from the supermarket and wondering why they aren’t THAT nice.

AT loves them, but admits fresher nuts are like a whole other situation.

The first time I tried a fresh walnut was at mum’s house…where else?

She had some Tasmanian Walnuts she bought from the deli and insisted I try some.

They tasted amazing. Quite different and might I say a lot better than regular walnuts.

They had no bitterness to them at all.

And then I tried some fresh pecans, like fresh from the tree!!!! at a friend’s place and they tasted super fantastic.

I had heard that nuts retain their nutritious qualities longer in the shell. A bit like veges I guess…you know, the longer they stay whole the better they are for you.

But I wasn’t aware that the fats in nuts will go rancid if not kept in the fridge.

Well, now. Have I wrinkled your brain?

I thought so.
Just for your convenience, and in case you don’t believe some of the stuff I come up with, here are some resources on eating and storing nuts. So…go nuts.

Sorry…bad joke.

Vegetarian Association, Nuts and Seeds

An article about the benefits of nuts from The Age

Nuts- The Surprising Health Benefits


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