Caramel Chicken

I got this from a Neil Perry recipe, which I use as a guide but I make some changes to it.

It seems like a variation on the Vietnamese Ga Kho…a caramel and ginger chicken recipe.

This is so easy, and my fussy children love it.

Caramel Chicken Recipe


Chicken thigh or breast sliced into pieces (not too small or will over cook)

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 red onion, diced

3 tblsp light soy sauce

4-6 tblsp brown sugar

5 tblsp fish sauce

handful of sliced spring onions

salt & white pepper


In a little peanut oil, brown the chicken in a hot wok. Set aside.

Fry up the garlic and red onion in some oil, and then add the chicken back in.

Season with salt and white pepper, add soy and fish sauces and sugar.

Simmer until the sauce gets darker and a little sticky.

Careful not to over cook or will become bitter.

Serve on steamed rice and sprinkle with spring onions.

Notes on the recipe:

Original versions of similar recipes might use palm sugar, but I find brown sugar is always in the cupboard and way easier to use. You use about half brown sugar, compared to palm sugar quantities.

Again, original versions use whole thighs or chicken pieces and simmer for about 20 minutes.

I am after quick and easy, so I use smaller piece that cook quickly.

You can always adjust the amounts of sugar in this recipe to suit your tastes.

You can also add chilli to make this dish hot and sweet.


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