Ode to my Coffee Machine

If she had a name it would be Lady Gaggia… and instead of singing ‘I Like it Rough’, she would sing ‘I like it Decaf’…sorry bad joke. I don’t even drink decaf…The coffee machine is my favourite appliance, my one and only true love of small kitchen electricals. The Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine.


AT and I bought it about ten years ago when we sold our cafe back in the day. It was gift to ourselves for the hard work and memories. It cost about $700 I think, which, ten years ago was a LOT of money and this was at the time that home espresso machines were becoming more popular. We had looked around and liked this one best because it was solid, heavy and of good construction, and anyone who makes coffee at home, knows you sometimes need a little elbow grease getting that group to into the machine. You don’t want a light weight, plastic machine…

We also liked the look of it, it has an 80’s gold glow, which we love. And plus it had 15 bars of pressure, which was and is still the standard for mid-level home machines. Then it sat on the bench unused for so long, maybe a year or two. I can’t remember why, maybe we were all coffeed out. No, that’s it, I remember, AT couldn’t get it to make a good coffee. And he was a barista, so this did not come as welcome news. If he couldn’t master it, then how would anyone else be able to? Again, a long time ago, so can’t quite remember, but we got it working and after some fiddling and diddling, and taking the plastic spout off the steamer, we figured out how to make cafe quality coffees on our little Gaggia.


Making a great coffee at home has a lot to do with the coffee you buy and the grind of the beans. Grind is essential if you want that perfect crema, and the prefect alchemical result when you push hot water through coffee grinds at high pressure and heat. Getting the milk right is just patience. Take your time with it, and it will come good. A small jug helps, and we have found making enough milk for one or two coffees at a time always yields better results.



3 thoughts on “Ode to my Coffee Machine

  1. Hi Lara,

    Try Bliss Coffee (www.blisscoffee.com.au). We have it delivered to us out here every few weeks. Having a burr grinder at home is great, although they also sell ground.

    Look forward to catching up (and getting AT to make us a latte too) in Sydney some time!

    Aaron & Susannah

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