A simple post, but hoping you’ll all forgive me.

I thought I’d kick-start my winter weight loss by having my gall-bladder removed.

The recovery process isn’t as simple as I had anticipated, so I’m not feeling up to write up the fantastic chicken and cashew recipe that is coming soon.

I thought I’d share a little snack idea that’s great for adults and kids.

Perfect for an Indian themed dinner with guests or after school snack. These pappadams are so easy to make and go nicely with a mint and yoghurt dip.

There are a few brands out there and flavours too. You just pop them in the microwave to puff them up.

My top tip for the dip is go to your local Indian spice shop…is it just me, but I have like two near-by….and get a jar of stuff that contains dried mint, some sugar and if I’m not mistaken some food colouring.

I don’t really know what’s in it, but it’s really delicious when mixed with plain yoghurt. I will get some this week and pass on the details soon.

But, in the mean time, you could probably find something similar and ready made at your grocery store.

Apologies again for this tiny post…but it’s all I got for now.


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