Sugared Almonds

This is another vintage post, that coming up to the festive season is a great recipe to have on hand for gifts and general (usually compulsive) snacking.

I have chosen the Sugared Almonds post not only for it’s festive feel but also because this recipe will feature in a new project I am involved in.

My cousin Tegan and I have created an online magazine called MOTIF Magazine

It will be free and online only and it will focus on a different theme each issue.

Our launch issue is focused on the theme of NOSTALGIA.

I found it really tricky to find recipes that fit into this theme because food memories are so often a particularly personal subject.

So I went with one personal recipe, the Sugared Almonds and you’ll have to wait for my second choice….

A foody friend and fellow aesthete took the photos, which I put into the post. They highlight the gift-worthy element of this nifty recipe.

I am hoping that all my readers here at Feeding Time Blog will lend their support to this new project of mine. I am really excited about it and I think you will all love, love, love it.


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