Super Salads

Did you notice the falling snow on my blog?

I know right…super cute, thanks WordPress for being a Christmas genius!

OK, so back to the important stuff, food.

I posted my Thai Pumpkin soup for my Northern Hemisphere readers, so it’s only fair to share some salad ideas for my friends down under as the weather gets warmer (albeit very slowly this year).

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, to keep my waist line under control, I generally eat salads for lunch in summer. Light, fresh and filling.

It depends on what I have in the cupboard and fridge as to what will make up my salads for the week.

For example, on the weekend I had almost run empty on all accounts, so I opened tins of chickpeas and tuna and made a salad of tuna, chickpeas, tomato and cucumber, dressed with simple oil and balsamic vinegar.

And it was good.

Usually I will have all or some of the following ingredients in a weekday salad (when I’m all stocked up): baby spinach leaves, alfalfa, tomato, cucumber, tinned beets, tinned asparagus, tinned corn, chickpeas, avocado, spanish onion, fennel, chickory/endive, tuna, salmon, chicken….

You get the idea.

Some ideas to make your salads really stand out are sprinkling raw or toasted sunflower seeds or walnuts and Parmesan cheese or dried cranberries.

Dressings can be anything from simple oil and vinegar – don’t forget to season with salt – it makes ALL the difference!

I love anything from the Paul Newman dressing range (Ranch, Caesar, South West) or anything creamy really.

If I only use a table spoon, the calories aren’t too compromised.


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