Favourite Food Things Pancakes (at the Rocks)

Not much else to say really.

You know all that about pictures and a thousand words.

Going to Pancakes On The Rocks in Circular Quay is an old family favourite of ours.

It’s open 24 hours, so we can turn up at 7.30am and have breakfast, plus they have colouring sheets.

But most importantly, their pancakes are the finest in the land and great value for money.

We ordered bacon on our latest jaunt and it tasted so good. Just the memory of it makes me smile.


When I say good bye to Sydney in June, the food is not the only thing I’ll miss.

I will miss our trips into Pancakes and our little post-breakfast strolls on the quay, overlooking the harbour as our stomachs slowly deal with the mountains of pancake we’ve just stuffed into them.


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