Pimm’s Please

Look at it, frosting the glass up and mingling with the mint and cucumber like a floozy.

We were served Pimm’s punch (Pimm’s, lemonade, strawberries, cucumber, mint) at a lunch party we were invited to recently and I fell in love with this beverage.

Now, I don’t know if it was the strawberries, or the mint or the fact that I was drinking it in London, but it was good.

I mean REALLY good.

So good in fact that we bought a bottle ourselves and continued to have little Pimm’s parties every night for a week.

I even bought mint.

And with the sneaky addition of vodka,  our Pimm’s became a cocktail.

Pimm’s Cocktail

1 Part Pimm’s

3 Parts Lemonade

1 Part Vodka

Strawberries, cucumber, ice and mint leaves – essential for maximum enjoyment.


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