Butter is better

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on butter. This has nothing to do with my Lurpak feature last year, it just happens that I do actually buy Lurpak spreadable butter. But I’ll tell you why. Years ago when I started making food for the kids, I began to look at the ingredients on things. I remember being shocked at the amount of ingredients in bread crumbs, and made the effort to make my own. Funny thing is that in the UK the bread crumbs are simply made from yeast, flour and water…just what you’d expect. Where as in Australia they contain everything from tuna oil to molasses.

Margarine is one of those things that you should probably look at the label. I’m not keen on it. I generally try to eat things that are as close as possible to their original state. Margarine is basically a vegetable-oil based spread, that is processed to look like butter. Butter is just butter. Then a few years ago you could get spreadable butter. But on closer inspection, all ‘butter-spreads’ were not make the same. In Australia I would always buy Butter Soft by Mainland because it contained only butter and water. Here I buy Lurpak because it contains butter and oil. Every other brand of spreadable butter has a long list of ingredients that make them really no better than margarine.



One thought on “Butter is better

  1. Thank you for sharing. I hadn’t really contemplated the ingredients of margarine before now. The list of ingredients in processed food often horrifies me and I have changed my buying habits to reflect that. However, I had been sticking to buying margarine for it’s soft texture. Now that I have read your post and had a think about it, I am going to have to make a change.

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