Christmas cranberry and pistachio chocolate drops


If you’re not overly confident to start your own chocolate factory just yet, why not try these little treasures. All you need is a microwave to create an endless variety of these pretty and festive sweets. You can create a florentine style creation and top with candied peel, raisins and nuts or keep it simple and go with Christmas colours like my cranberry and pistachio recipe. To add some sparkle, once set, brush with edible lustre dust or add some edible glitter or stars to your topping.

All you need to do is slowly melt on the lowest microwave setting, some good quality chocolate, milk or dark in a glass pyrex jug. Pour little dollops onto trays lined with baking paper. Shake the tray to get the chocolate to spread and settle and then sprinkled with the topping you’ve prepared. For pistachios, buy raw unsalted nuts and then bake them yourself to crisp them up, and then finely chop the nuts and some cranberries. You could add a little flavoured liqueur or brandy to make them extra special, and as with my walnut truffles, a pinch of salt goes a long way when making chocolate treats. Some alternative toppings are candied orange peel and slivered almonds, walnut and dried fig or just go nuts with hazelnuts, pine nuts or macadamias or for something a bit saucy try crushed salted peanuts.


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