About Me

I called my blog Feeding Time because feeding a family at my house can sometimes feel like feeding time at the zoo and truth be told, it applies to me as well.  You see, I’m a bit of a greedy guts and when I get fixated on a taste or meal or if I’m really hungry, sometimes I think strapping on a feed bag would help things along, but I strive to be a dainty glutton.

I’m a freelance lifestyle writer specialising in food, music and art. When it comes to food I write reviews, reportage and articles for Foodepedia.co.uk, I have contributed recipes and articles to local publications including the Mums and Health titles with Lifestyle Magazines and recipes and a forward to the digital Brilliant Baking Magazine. I’m the official food blogger at The Maidenhead Advertiser and my recipes and articles have appeared in various related Baylis publications including their very stylish Life Etc. My recipes feature on the ever temping Tastespotting, and my post about home-made suet balls featured in The Guardian’s Live Better Challenge. I featured as a Friend of Lurpak back in 2011 and appeared in their promotional recipe book with my banana bread recipe. When it come to music I am the editor of music website Fifteen Questions and I write a blog about instrumental music called Music without Words.  In the past I have written about art for Escape into Life , you can see all my articles by typing my name in the search engine. And don’t forget my beloved MOTIF Magazine, a digital ditty, put together by myself and my cousin Tegan, that ran for 4 issues from 2010-2011.

If you wish to contact me: lara.c.coryatgmaildotcom

The photo below is one taken of me at a little restaurant called Zlinje Konoba in Blato, Croatia a few years ago. The food in my hand is called prsurate, a little deep fried ball of yeasty dough. Sort of like Croatian donut holes. When made correctly, they are probably one of my favourite things to eat in the world; hence the happy face and crazy eyes. Before our meal was ready, someone passed around of plate of prsurate, and I thought it was my lucky day, as this is not something restaurants serve in summer which is when I’m usually in Croatia.


7 thoughts on “About Me

    • I believe they’re an Australian brand called Capri. It seems there’s quite a few types available on ebay etc. If you type in ‘Capri canisters Australia’. Or google ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ canisters and you’ll find lots and lots.

  1. Hi, I’m Julie, publisher of the Learn Your Christmas Carols blog. I’ve published lyrics and videos to nearly 100 different popular, traditional, funny and obscure holiday songs and had over 25,000 visitors. I’d like to include links to recipes, decorations and crafts this year, and am wondering if you have any content you’d like to contribute? The only requirement would be a link back in your sidebar or footer.

    I’m asking you because I found some good holiday content on your site that deserves a wider audience. If you’re interested, please email me at juliegallaher@gmail.com or tweet me at http://twitter.com/juliegallaher

  2. Hi Lara, my Mama made a very local variety of gnocchi (from Rijeka ). They a quite large at around 6 – 8 cm and stuffed with a quartered Angelina plum (tart/sweet). We call it gnocchi coi susini. They are so so so yummy in summer. I make it for the family but have yet to find anyone else who does. Have you ever heard of this? Betons32@tpg.com.au

  3. Hi Lara – great blog. I like how you do test your recipes. I stumbled across your blog as I had a complete disaster with the rose Carrini carrot cake recipe and I wanted to see if anybody else had feedback. I have her book and make cakes quite often and made this one for my husband’s birthday. Checking online I see that the American bloggers use a recipe with 4/5 carrots only or 2 cups rather than the 9 carrots specified in the book. I actually only used 7 carrots as 9 seemed so much and I ended up with probably 5 cups of grated carrots. The skewer came out clean after 40 minutes but then the cake wasn’t cooked so it had to go back in. My cake was oily, too wet and very heavy. I ended up cooking it for an extra 25 minutes in my fan forced oven and the oil and mixture were still bubbling around the edges so there was no way it was going to cook. There are many references to the cake online but very little feedback so I wonder how many people have tried to cook it. Wondering why the American recipe uses less carrots too as i see the recipe with 9 carrots online. Btw I wanted to leave a comment under the recipe but couldn’t.

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