Fried vs. Fresh

Here’s something to consider.

Prawns nov 09 002

Prawns nov 09 003

For the same price as fish and chips to feed the family – about $25 – you can buy 1kg of fresh prawns, avocado and some bread.

Squeeze some lemon juice and season the avocado.

Spread it on slice of crusty bread from a good bakery.

A good dollop of seafood sauce, then complete the meal with some peeled prawns.

Prawns nov 09 001

OK, so maybe 2yr old doesn’t get into the prawns. He prefers to play around with them. We sacrifice one prawn for him.

But 4yr old really enjoys our little floor picnics on prawn night an it has become a regular treat.

When you think of the nutritional value of the prawn meal versus the fried meal I think it becomes clear that it’s not only for taste reasons that fresher choice wins out.

Unless of course you don’t like prawns. Sadly I know too many who do…in which case, go ahead and have fish and chips.

I’ve always thought the cost of take away food is far outweighing it’s usefulness, outside of giving mum the night off. It has become so expensive to eat take away that I think it’s usually cheaper to buy the food fresh and make it yourself.

PS: I’m not pretending I don’t LOVE indulging in the greasy, crispy, salty pleasures of fried food, but when we’re talking about making better choices for our health and our family’s health,  I thought this little comparison illustrates the point nicely.

PPS: This post becomes irrelevant in the weeks surrounding Christmas. As we all know, prices escalate beyond all reason.

5 thoughts on “Fried vs. Fresh

  1. I’m trying the Apple Cake tonight! I’m subbing pears instead of apples because I received a whole batch of them the other day… I’m sure it will work out fine all the same! 🙂 Thanks, Lara!

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